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"Why Fish Don't Exist" Review

What would it be like to spend time in Lulu Miller's head. Read "Why Fish Don't Exist" and you will get a glimpse of a curious mind, a seeker of truths. Miller is a talented writer who can explain scientific concepts at the most human, gut level. She wants to know what drives a mad scientist like David Starr Jordan to continue to categorize fish after devastating setbacks. How do you look at a man like Starr Jordan who distorted and twisted Darwin's theory of Evolution to promote eugenics? Miller takes you on her personal journey as well as the historical journey of Starr Jordan to figure out what drives people to categorize and label and try and make sense of the world as they did in the past that lead to justifications of racist and misogynistic "truths," and how do we stop ourselves from doing it in the future? That is the interesting stuff.

It's a great book.

A ripping tale.

And a journey well worth taking.


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