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Book 2 Available Now!

If you enjoyed "Baker's Dozen" you'll love "Free For All," the second book in the Lexi Fagan Mystery series.

In this new "urban cozy," Lexi Fagan finds a new job in the City by the Bay as a receptionist at a think tank. Her life finally seems to be getting back on track when her boss is found murdered in his office. Lexi’s old friend, Detective Robert Reiger, pulls the young redhead into the investigation. Lexi becomes Reiger’s “eyes and ears” inside The Freedom Institute—where suspects seem to multiply by the day.

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I'm currently writing book three in the Lexi Fagan Mystery series, "Sins of the Mother." To use a television metaphor, in the final season of the series, Lexi returns to her hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska, for her grandfather’s funeral.
While there, she is forced to face the truth about her own parents’ untimely deaths 20 years earlier. Lexi begins to suspect the official story is a lie and that the plane crash wasn’t an accident. As she digs for clues, Lexi questions everything she thought she knew about her family and herself.

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Book signing at the LA Festival of Books

We had a great time at the reading and book signing in Lodi at Tea-Tasting!

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Signing books at WorldCon76


The Future is Now.

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