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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr on Promoting Your Book, Part 12 Write Your Next Book

Promoting Your Book, Free For All, Marketing

These images are mock ups of the second book in the trilogy, Free For All.

Promoting your book is also about promoting yourself as an author. So, there is no marketing substitute for a second book. It took me six years to write Baker’s Dozen. Without the advice of multiple readers and several editors, there is no way I could have finished.

Free For All Mock Up

Though it has taken longer than I wanted, the rough draft of Free For All is headed to the first reader, my sister, Heather.

For this dyslexic writer, proofreading my work is always the first step and having someone I love who loves me correcting the draft is essential. After this first pass, I’ll address the notes and make corrections before handing the next draft to a professional editor. That process--proofreading then submitted to an editor--continues until the book is ready to publish.

Another Mock Up of Free For All

What’s next? Start the next book. For me, it’s the last book in the trilogy, Sins of the Mother.

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