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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr on Promoting Your Book, Part 6 Successful Marketing

United States, Baker's Dozen, Marketing your book

My most successful marketing campaign was “Where is Lexi?” I asked my readers to post pictures of the book where they were reading it. This lead to amazing adventures, as I put it, for Lexi, the book’s protagonist. Readers posted photos from across the United States as well as many places around the world. The campaign was a hit because I involved my readers and they got a kick out of taking the book on their travels and posting pictures.

Fiji, Europe, Israel, Vacations with Books, Marketing your book

With the information on where the books were being bought and read, I made a map and pinned the locations adding more pins every week. This campaign was a good way to keep the book alive on my feeds. Plus, it was thrilling for me to see “Baker’s Dozen” pop up around the world.

Hawaii, Market your Book, Book promotion

So, find a campaign that will be fun for you and get started. Or do this one. No need to reinvent the wheel if you like this idea, by all means, recreate it for your book.

Lexi in Hawaii

Greece, Promote Your book, Marketing Your Book

Lexi in Greece!

Paris, Book Promotion, Marketing your book

Lexi in Paris!

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