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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr on Promoting Your Book, Part 4 Book Parties

Washington DC, Baker's Dozen, Book Party, Mystery Book

BOOK PARTIES: A great way to promote your book is with parties. Not only are they fun, but you can fill them with friends and family so it’s a win win. After publishing my first book, I had three wonderful parties in the LA area and one in Washington, D.C. The enthusiasm for the book and the delight at celebrating with people I care about and that care about me still fills me with joy and humility.

The other advantage of parties is that you can practice reading from your book. I don’t know about you, but reading out loud makes me a nervous wreck. And, truth be told, I was awful at it, but the audience was forgiving and it helped build my confidence for the next time.

Also consider editing a section of your book to read so you get a flavor of the characters and the story while telling a compelling mini story. (This advice came from a writer I met through my PR firm, Black Chateau, artist and writer Laurie Finkelstein.)

Los Angeles Book Party, mystery book, book launch, Baker's Dozen

The Bottom line: Book parties are a blast and well worth it. Friends and family are thrilled to throw you a party and to attend a celebration of your achievement. You can read from your book, sign them and sell them. And, besides, you wrote and published a book! It's time to celebrate!

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