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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr on Inscribing and Signing Books


Merry Christmas 1996

Spies and Insurance people nobody wants to acknowledge or hear from them until there is trouble."

There is a wonderful tradition of inscribing a book you are giving as a present. I enjoy reading inscriptions and this is a favorite. Inscriptions personalize a gift and I recommend it. Besides, generations from now, someone might pick up that book and read what you wrote.

When I’m signing my book for a friend or at a book signing, I try to stay present and open so I don’t get nervous and write something lame. It’s not always possible because I’m often worried I will spell something incorrectly, which happens all the time. But dyslexia is a blessing as well as a curse and I learned a long time ago to just go for it. In every case when my grammar muscles have failed me, people have been forgiving and supportive. They laugh with me and not at me.

Now, when you have a chance, search “book inscriptions” and prepare to be entertained.

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