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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr invokes Joan of Arc to Get Out the Vote

Joan of Arc Vote Midterms Postcards 270toWin

When I finally made it to college in the 90s, Mills offered a study abroad program (I’m sure they still do). So, with no art experience, I studied painting and drawing in Aix en Provence, France for a semester. It was a life-changing experience. We painted in Venice and Paris. We stood with our easles in the same lavender fields as Van Gogh and drew the same Mont Sainte-Victoire as Cezanne. That’s a long story to get to the point. I also took photographs of statues in churches in the region, and St. Joan of Arc was a favorite subject. My good friend Francine Hartman in Wisconsin found one of my old postcards and used it to encourage voting, something I’ve been doing from California. So I’m passing on the spirit of Joan because we can make a difference at the ballot box. Thank you for being voters!

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