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Mystery Author Autumn Doerr Makes a Discovery

While I am a huge fan of mysteries, I also love comedy and it occurred to me as I was watching Aisha Tyler’s "Dietland" after show, "Unapologetic," on AMC, that she and two other comedians I admire, Ali Wong and Margaret Cho, all grew up in San Francisco. They each have described roaming the City with their friends. Their parents worked hard and they were alone for part of each day. San Francisco can be explored on the underground and on busses so that’s what they did when they were kids. Maybe the independence they felt as young adults turned them into comedians?

#AishaTyler #MargaretCho #AliWong #comedians

I lived in San Francisco in the 80s and there was a looseness to the City. It’s not that there weren’t bad people and dangerous situations, but public transportation was filled with working people and kids on their way to school. Some neighborhoods were sketchier than others, but it’s a small city. On the other hand, San Francisco was one of the epicenters of comedy when all three comedians were growing up. That could have been the main influence on their career paths. I don’t know but it feels as if there’s something there; something about San Francisco.

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