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Tag Lines for Bloody Good Podcast Hosted by Mystery Author Autumn Doerr and Emmy-Winning Producer Ma

Okay, Maria and I don't have podcast episodes in the can yet. We still need to pick up a mixer and mics but we are getting closer. We have rundowns of 2 episodes, a logo we like and a tag line.

Thought you would enjoy the tag line process. Maria and I are both experienced producers and a log line or tag line is the best way to gage if you have a show idea or not. If you can't describe what your show is (or book for that matter) in a few lines, it's not a show (or a book).

Maria came up with these tag lines. We went with Where Mystery Love Company but my favorite is the hilarious: Nothing About the Kardashians - Except Murder

Tag Line Suggestions:

The Place for Mystery Lovers Where Mystery Lovers Chat Where Mystery Lovers Hang Out A Mystery Lovers Clubhouse A Safe Space for Mystery Lovers Mystery Lovers Paradise Tinder for Mystery Lovers Mysteries, Murder & Chatty Conversation The Place for Mysteries & Murder

Where Mystery Love Company Nothing About the Kardashians - Except Murder

Blood Good Podcast with Maria Notaras and Autumn Doerr

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