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Mystery Book Author Autumn Doerr "Bloody Good" Podcast Logo, Version 2

Here is the next iteration of the British mystery fan podcast “Bloody Good” logo based on the terrific feedback from my friends and colleagues from Linked In. It was suggested that one of the “Os” be turned into a monocle. My podcast partner, Maria Notaras, and I both loved that idea.

There’s a funny backstory to the monocle. Maria hates that my bitmoji avatar has a monocle so it’s fitting, and hilarious, that podcast logo actually needs a monocle. It will amuse and drive Maria crazy.

The other idea for the logo was also a good one. To have blood dripping from one or more of the letters but my graphics knowledge is not sophisticated enough to pull that one off. I'm muddling along working in powerpoint so it's not a crisp or perfect logo but I am proud of myself for getting this far. Now all Maria and I need to do is to record the next few episode. So far, we have a pilot with good content but it sounds terrible since we recorded on a terrible mic in a noisy room. I know podcasts can be a big sloppy and listeners will forgive it but Maria and I are both television producers and we can't live with something that doesn't sound just right.

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