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Mystery book author Autumn Doerr Bloody Good podcast in development!

A lover of television mysteries, especially of the British variety, I started a podcast with a fellow mystery fan Maria Notaras. On the Bloody Good podcast, we’ll talk about British television mystery series (as well as shows produced by former colonies—that covers a lot of territory).

As the author of a mystery book, I’m obviously a big fan of mystery books and television shows. My good friend, television producer Maria Notaras, and I recommend mysteries to each other almost every day. It soon became clear that we loved British mysteries the best. The kind you find on Acorn, BritBox and PBS. Of course, we’re huge fans of “Midsomer Murders” and will devote an entire episode to this beloved long-running show.

You can look forward to segments on British Speak – the shorthand way Brits talk plus a run down of actors that appear as stars or guests on our favorite shows and episodes. We’ll discuss and categorize mysteries that are lighter such as “Blue Murder” and “Murder in Paradise” and more intense and gruesome (or medium) shows like “Vera” and, finally, darker fare of the heavy category that “Hidden” fits into.

My first mystery book, “Baker’s Dozen,” is the first sponsor of the podcast. Surprise! Surprise!

I’ll keep you posted.

Bloody Good podcast

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