October 2, 2018

Look for the audio book of “Baker’s Dozen” on Audible and wherever you get your audio books October 15th. I’ll make a big announcement and include a link on the release date. Stay tuned!

September 21, 2018

Well, this is good news. These wonderful establishments are selling “Baker’s Dozen.”

Gatsby Books, Long Beach

Little Flower Café, Pasadena

Florey’s Book Company, Pacifica

September 8, 2018

Growing up an undiagnosed dyslexic in the ‘70s, reading was nearly impossible. I missed many of the beloved childhood books my friends devoured. I still haven’t read “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” or “The Secret Garden.”

Lucky for me, my family came to the rescue and my s...

August 31, 2018

Technically, it’s a collection of poems by Mary Oliver. The poems made an enormous impact on me. When one of the poems started with the line “You do not have to be good…” I knew the poem was written for: 1) old-school Catholics, 2) dutiful daughters, and 3) me.